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My New Baby...

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Picked up an Inland M1 Carbine yesterday at the Ft. Walton Beach gun show. Oh man, here I go again... :oops: :lol:

It's an import but all of the parts except 2 of the smaller trigger group parts are stamped Inland (only saw those after stripping the TG for cleaning), and the barrel is absolutely immaculate. Very cool. The stock is crap, but that's easily correctable.

T-man came over last night & showed me how to break it all the way down. We stripped it completely and gave it a thorough clean & lube. The action is much smoother now & it is ready to go.

I wasn't looking for a collector grade safe queen, just a nice condition USGI carbine that I could have fun with at the range. Looks like I found what I was looking for. :D

When my wife rips my head off I'm gonna blame T-man & BrutalTuna. They're just a bad influence on me... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh, if you get a chance, check out Southeast Military Parts. They had a table at the show, & I was able to pick up a few items from them. Got a new (never installed or used) complete Carbine Trigger Group for only $69. Ashley was very knowledgable & helpful. Good people.

Range time in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... :D
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Hey Quag....nice little feller ya got there..... \:D/ :-({|= \:D/ I'll check and see what M1 Carbine stocks I have. Are ya partial to birch or Walnut? I loves that handguard....if ya have a mind to change it out when ya get another stock set. Keep me in mind as it looks like it would go better with my IBM than the one on it \:D/
Hey Quag
I got a walnut stock and handgaurd from Fulton for my dad's Carbine, the one I got was really sweet, I put the original in the gun cabinet for onr day far off down the road. For an NRA Carbine its too sweet to sit around and not get used because the original stock is in such good shape.

Check Fulton for a new(used) stock, I was suprised.

Hey Quag:

I thought you were NOT going to buy anymore rifles? [-X Uh huh! =;

Looks like a really sweet shooter! I have always wanted a USGI carbine but just never got around to it... [-o<

Hope the wife don't chase you around with it! Man you better [-o< or blame BT or T-Man!

Aloha and Good Get!

Tom O.
Just got back from the range.

It was a fun afternoon. BrutalTuna had a birch stock he is willing to part with, so I put it on the Carbine:

Wow, it looks just a "bit" better than the old one, eh? Matches the handguard exactly too... :D

Before anyone says anything about the ammo pouch facing the wrong way, I'm a lefty... :roll: :lol:

The rifle was a blast to shoot, & from what I can tell it is very accurate. I was shooting nice tight groups at 50 yds off the bench while sighting it in. Had to go 2 clicks left on the rear sight to get it centered for windage.

Brutal Tuna & T-man both brought their rifles & we had quite the little carbine fest going on for a while. These guns are just plain fun to shoot!! :D

Tom: Yup, I've got it bad. I showed her the Yugo SKS I brought home yesterday (Christmas present for one of my sons), but I haven't said anything about the carbine yet. You're right, I better say a few prayers... [-o<
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Nice stock Quag.... How do you like the feel of that potbelly? I like them better than the smaller standard stock. Glad yawl had fun today. :mrgreen:
Thanks Hawk. I like it very well. It's not nearly as pretty as yours or BT's tiger stock, but to me it suits the rifle very well. It's a keeper. ;)

Yup, it was a blast!! :mrgreen:
Looks real nice with new furniture, don't worry about the wife. Ask Hawk, I've got so many she never notices another when I slip a new one in.
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