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My M40

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I didn't know there would be a whole section here on my other favorite rifle! Here is one I put together even before the Remington entry. I wrote up the project for the Oct. 2002 issue of Small Arms Review. I believe its still available to read on line, if you google the title. If you cant find it or want any info let me know. Mine shoots great by the way. Shilen barrel.
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That's a good looker! Wish I had a green scope. I tried the new Hi Lux but the crosshair was so coarse I didn't like so sold it in favor of my earlier gloss Accu Range with tombstone. Mine has a very fine crosshair with very small dot in center and I really like it. When I first got the scope I sent it into ABO USA for cleaning etc. and they offered to swap it out for a new scope. Ha, I said nothing doing. Clean it up and give it back!
Thanks for those tips and info guys! My donor rifle is an early one as well with the commercial style clip slot, wide safety and aluminum butt plate. I talked to a Rem rep at SHOT after the Rem gun came out and the guy said in some ways mine was more original than theirs. One thing I didn't get was why they didn't go with the original 1-10 twist. I suppose it was just easier to use their standard 1-12 but that isn't correct.
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Some of you guys went well beyond what I did in authenticity, hats off and well done to you! Mine is a reasonable facsimile but I didn't go to the length that some did. When I did that article the pix were shot with a 35mm camera as most of the mags had not gone digital yet, so I have no digi pix of mine. Guess I should rectify that. Thanks!!
If it had the Accu Range reticle I would be all over it.
That one is just like what I have on my M40 but the later model with the slanted font. Nice though. I think I got mine for about $200 but that was some time ago now.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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