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My M40

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I didn't know there would be a whole section here on my other favorite rifle! Here is one I put together even before the Remington entry. I wrote up the project for the Oct. 2002 issue of Small Arms Review. I believe its still available to read on line, if you google the title. If you cant find it or want any info let me know. Mine shoots great by the way. Shilen barrel.
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That's a good looker! Wish I had a green scope. I tried the new Hi Lux but the crosshair was so coarse I didn't like so sold it in favor of my earlier gloss Accu Range with tombstone. Mine has a very fine crosshair with very small dot in center and I really like it. When I first got the scope I sent it into ABO USA for cleaning etc. and they offered to swap it out for a new scope. Ha, I said nothing doing. Clean it up and give it back!
Don't know if you know it or not but member tokiwartooth can take your old accu-range, disassemble it and anodize it green for you. He did mine and several others. I'll post pics of my M40 clone tomorrow. I used a donor rifle that had a 6 digit SN that falls between the 2nd and 3rd real M40 rifles according to Senich SN list. Got lucky as hell and found an original 1966 M40 barrel. April IIRC.
ETA, you may want to peruse this site, some of toki's work can be found:http://www.m40rifle.com/
WaM14, I used your article as a guide as well. Thanks.
My clone specs:
Near mint SN 168,73X (if I translate the original Remington barrel code correctly the rifle was made in Nov 1965.)
Original M40 barrel, again if codes read correctly tells me April 1966 (1st contract for the M40)
Correct shaped safety, 2 piece sear.
Barrel was professional installed by a good friend in Wa state. He also took my vintage Redfield mount,welded and squared off the corners. He also welded in the "700 SA" on the underside so I could use a WW2 dog tag marking set to apply the "40X mark".
Rings are original Redfield low and "1- 64" marked on the bottom.
Correct matte finish BDL floorplate/trigger guard.
Rifle was then sent off to Celtic Rifles in Tx to have the correct clip slot milled, to include the "eyebrow" cut on the front receiver ring,, the "U.S." marking above the serial number.
Receiver was then parked to match the original finish of the barrel. CR supplied the stock which according to him is copied off one of his original M40 stocks. Only downside is that the recoil pin shows on both sides. Buttplate is the original one off the original ADL stock the rifle came in. There was an issue regarding my scope. I desperately wanted the rifle returned to me in time for one of our living history displays we do every Memorial day weekend. In order for that to happen,the scope I got back was not the one I sent to CR, he sent me back one that had already been anodized BUT it was WAY too lemon/gold in color. It IS a correct mid 60s vintage accu-range with tombstone). After the display I made arrangements to send the scope to tokiwartooth and had him re-anodize and it came out much better. (It's not as bright green as it appears in the pics,skylights and flash make it look really bright),.
Sling is one that has the MRT and 1-64 stamped into the metal "D" tab.
Got very very lucky and came across an original set of E.D. Vissing scope caps, NOS in the original box. :0
I think that covers it all, enjoy.

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there was a thread with a link to some guy making m40 stocks,anybody have it?
m1,nice rig
Here is the full story behind the new made stocks from the M40 web site:

And this is the thread you mention: http://m14forum.com/usmc-m40-rifle/250665-high-quality-m40-stocks.html
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Well, since I'm stuck home recuping from surgery and have the rifle out. I got motivated, I removed the butt plate and applied Birchwood Casey "alumi-black" to the edge of the butt plate. 2 coats applied and looks so much better. Will do one more application then re-install. Just one more "lil step" to make it mo correct.
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