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Just recieved my M14 the other day and I might say I am very pleased...no
I will say I am really very pleased. The person that did the bedding job is very
knowledgeable in the areas of M1, M14, and 1903 Springfields and a shooting
companion and friend ! Not only did he do an excellent bedding job, he also
added a welded gas lock and N.M. front band, honed the trigger to a very
crisp 4 1/2 # pull, checked throat and muzzle wear, checked headspace and
did an outstanding job staining the stock. I could'nt be more pleased with his
expertise, but was told he has done this for more than 25 years. Added to all
this he accepted no payment for his work other than a gracious thank-you.
I could not accept his terms, so I covered his costs for materials, which he at
first rejected. He also took time (his time) and went to the range and test-
fired the rifle...2 - 5 shot groups under a quarter at 100 yards. Now, my
trigger finger is itching to squeeze off some rounds, but being located in the
Northeast the weather has changed back to a cold, snowy winter. I will post-
pone my trip to the range for now....:ARM37: one happy grunt !
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