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My latest baby

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Got a lot of work to do to it - but I think when I get it all redone (you know the rust off all the metal and the wood cleaned up and reoiled) it'll be a beaut.

I've been wanting something like this weapon for geez let's just say a really long time. My latest rifle is over 120 years old and shoots .22lr (it was originally 4mm blackpowder cartridge but sleeved sometime in the early 1900's). All complete except for two tiny screws and the keys that adjust stuff. Double trigger, falling block design and the wood is really pretty.

My Scheutzen and my pride and joy (okay the flintlock and the percussion rifle are a real close second).
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T That sure will be a beaut. I just love the craftmanship on the furniture of old rifles. All done by hand. No cnc machines or copy lathes. An art that has pretty much died away :(
Bet ya' won't find a lot of 'em at gun shows. Hold on to that one
Twiggy said:
Bet ya' won't find a lot of 'em at gun shows. Hold on to that one
Twiggy believe me I intend to. Took me over 6 months before the guy made up his mind to sell it and he sold it to me for what it cost him not what he could get out of it even though he had an offer for double what I paid him.

This gun and the 22-250 I've been building (another friend built a good portion of it I've just got to fit it to a stock and such) are going to be my two favorites I think.
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