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My Garand, and range report.

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Purchased in early Oct. 2016
2531XXX SA receiver
'50 SA barrel
SA bolt
SA op rod
SA trigger group
ME 1.5
TE 3
Stock, not sure. No markings, had to do some fitting. Feels nothing like the Boyds stock on my M1A.

Range report coming.......
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Gotta love the M1. I got my first in the late 80's, a Korean re import. It would not hold Elmer Keiths hat at 50 yds! Barrel just gone, so had it rebarreled with NM tube and it shot great, got me started in match shooting and lots of fun. Eventually sold it to a buddy, now deceased so I don't know what happens to it now. But I have my H&R DCM rifle and its not going anywhere. If you want yours to shoot tighter, glass bed it. It makes a lot of difference. And no the M1 stock is a club compared to an M14.
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