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multipurpose tool

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Which multipurpose tools do you prefer? Swiss army knife, leatherman tool, gerber, etc...
I have several of the Leatherman tool spread out in different places.
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I have tried most all of them and have found the Leatherman Wave to be the most useful......or at least I like it the best.
I believe John Kerry uses a Leatherman tool when he's crawling in the bush hunting deer.

-- Chuck
John Kerry uses a Leatherman tool ?

What a warming thought..........
I like the Buck tool
Schrade made a nice one a few years back, it has worked for me.
Over the years I have tried several, most I did'nt like. The tool that fits me best and has been the most durable was/is the Leatherman Super Tool. The worst for me was/is the Gerber Multi-Tool. This one gave me more blood blisters in my hand than anything else knives or otherwise
Seriously, the guy who owns Leatherman publically supported John Kerry. Won't get my business.

-- Chuck
Chuck S said:
Seriously, the guy who owns Leatherman publically supported John Kerry. Won't get my business.

-- Chuck
Thanks for the info. I missplaced my last one. Now I will shop for another brand :!:
Whether Mr Leatherman supported Kerry or not, his company still makes a great product at a reasonable price.
Now for one heck of a multi-purpose tool this is IT. A little large for regular carry though ;) . Friend has one and it works great around camp and in the woods! Could even make a pretty deadly weapon if need be!

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Christmas list!

I have had one of those Woodsmans Pals on my wish list for years - it is well designed and has been around for fifty years or so.
After finding out about the Kerry support I will never buy a new Leatherman. Around these parts you can find Leathermans at the pawn shops and can usually get them for a great price. If you buy used there is no money going back to the manufacturer, and at the same time you will be supprting local bussiness'
Just a thought
Gerber for us.
I have carried and used a Leatherman Wave for years. I like it. BUT....I will never buy another one because Tim Leatherman endorsed Kerry. My next one will be a Gerber. Besides, my son now works at a hardware store and I can get it at cost plus 10% 8O :D
Multipurpose Tool Preference

I carry a Gerber at work, but outside of work, the Leatherman Wave. I like the Wave the best. I bought mine before finding out that Mr. Leatherman is a liberal communist heathen :)
Guys, I see nothing on the leatherman website about Tim Leatherman supporting Kerry. But even if he did, look at the amount of community outreach the company does.
I have a Craftsman multi-tool. It seems to do the trick for me.

I don't think I would show support on my website for a big loser either. Especially after the fact!
I'm using one of the "old school" Gerber's that will pinch the fire out of your hand if you grip someting then slip off. But, I do like it otherwise. One of the newer ones that won't pinch you sounds good to me, but I have no experience with them.
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