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so i'm at the local range this weekend, when mullet, a friend of his from the menagerie and the multiple firing marlin show up.

now one thing you need to know about mullet - when he gets a new toy, it doesn't matter what's involved - he gets the bso (bright shiny object), or nothing at all!

the latest diversion is a like nib marlin 1895 cowboy, with a very pretty piece of wood - fore and aft.

mullet's pal who has been here before, is shifting from foot to foot and talking it up - the range is cold after all, they've already put up the target - a paper plate with no bullseye - so why not chat.

the boys tell me that this is the inaugural run.

i ask them if the piece has been cleaned yet and checked for function. actually, we've gone through this drill before...

"it's a new gun - they wouldn't let it leave the factory if it wasn't ready to shoot" is the response. did i mention we've gone through this drill before?

the range goes hot and the ammo is pulled from the brown paper bag it's been coddled in.

it's a couple of boxes of buffalo bore 405gr ammo. you know, steam rollers in a box..

now you need to know something about mullet and the menagerie - without exception - the crowd run 5'10" to 6' and never over about a buck sixty five...not sure what the diet is but protein is not a part of it...

and then there's the cowboy in 45-70 with it's not so gentle buttplate.

i decide i am not going to shoot. nope. think i'm going to watch. in the past it's been anywhere from frightening to entertaining to see...nope, not going to shoot.

menagerie hands a few rounds to mullet and he fumbles only a little and then levers one into the chamber. the target is 100yds.

he concentrates and squeezes one off.....BLAM!!! the whole affair goes up off the bags about a foot and the comes down with a hurricane of profanity!

rotating his shoulder a bit, trying to regain his composure and getting some advice from menagerie he settles in for another go at it.

there's a couple of gents watching now along with a few raised eyebrows.

BLAM!!! again the whole she-bang goes up like a yosemite geyser followed by a katrina-like howling of pain and adjectives!

while mullet backs off in bewilderment, menagerie grabs the cowboy, blurts out "you ain't holding it tight enough, i'll show ya!"

so, standing, leaning back like a debutante backing off of a garlic-breathed lineman at the prom, he let's one loose! BLAM!!!

the front sight just misses the overhead, menageries' front foot comes off the ground and he loses control of the rifle, just barely grabbing it before it hits the cement - by the barrel - which results in a howl that only adds frosting to the cake!

the boys have had enough - the gun is empty - they pack up and head off, heavy metal blaring, cursing the marlin and mullet - driving with one hand - the other having gone limp after the second round from the bench...

and the multiple firing? meangerie swore that gun went off twice - once in front and once behind him.

i suspect the second crack was his shoulder blades making contact with each other....

there wasn't a dry eye on the range as the boys went off.....
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