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This is a new Springfield Armory, standard model, with a Walnut stock.
#1)How much clearance there should be, between the bottom of gas cylinder and the stock ferrule?

This rifle has almost zero. So tight that a piece of paper (.005"), when placed between the two, will not pull out. Just tears off. The clearance under the op rod guide is tight also. A standard business card fights snugly, but will slide with some, not much, effort. And no rub marks on the stock under it. After firing about 150 rounds, the only rub marks on the inside of the ferrule, are at the bottom where it touches the gas cyl. I should also say that the receiver fits VERY tight in the stock. The first time I removed the action I had to tap the inside of the receiver heal to break it loose. Just as if it was bedded. The gas cylinder had to be driven off and back on to shim it.

#2) Should I grind some clearance on the ferrule, or would you leave it alone? The ferrule is about .020" higher than the wood. Also the front band does not make contact the ferrule when the trigger group is locked in place.

Accuracy after shimming the gas cyl., the best so far at 150 yards is 2 1/2 - 3 inches with open sights off of bags, front and rear. And I can't expect much better without better eyes.


You know how little things can, and will, drive some of us crazy. Thanks for any input.
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