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I picked 10 more 20 round NIW C.M.I.'s mags, 1 - 10 round C.M.I. mag, and a 50 cal ammo can. For $155 today. 10 times 15 for the 20 rounders, $5 for the can, and the 10 rounder for free. Clearing out stuff at an estate.
They are the "older" CMI magazines, without the floor plate stamp.

I picked five NIW 25 round C.M.I. mags at the NRA meeting in Louisville two weekends ago, for $20 apiece.
The new 20 round C.M.I. magazines price at the NRA show were $15 each too, but I did not buy any 20 rounders at the Checkmate booth. Hence the offer at the estate clear out sale today.
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