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Modify Brass Catcher for M1A

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Cover me I'm going in!
This is my second post, and I'm trying to put pictures in. (Worth a 1000 words)
1. Broke out the wire welder and a heavy coat hanger.
2. Modify the frame to clear op rod function, and cover ejection.
3. Cast iron black high temp paint, reinstall bag.
4. Bag mount on rail.
5. Put together for use.
Had to use high rings to provide space for bag mount.
Better than chasing brass.
I made it so there is a finger wide gap between the rifle and bag so you can operate the rifle without having to remove the bag. Once in while a brass will sneak out on the table, but I'd rather be able to cycle the weapon with my hand if needed.
This bag still transfers over to my FN-FAL and works fine. (Am I OK to mention an FAL on here?šŸ˜³
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Nice little project. Good work.

I'd like to learn to weld someday.
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