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MKS Pics

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Here are some pics I have of MKS forged receivers. These were taken before the Kelly's went into production. Saved these from the old Gun&Knife Forum.

MKS Receivers


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Very cool sir. As an owner of a LRB, it's cool to see its "family tree". Thanks.

I still think back to how close I was to buying one of his receivers! Man, that would have been money thrown out the window.

No wonder the ATFE took them off the market. That one pic shows the full auto cut out in the receiver. I've only seen pics of the receivers fully assembled as rifles and this is the first time i've seen that cut out.
Aloha Oxmix:

These pictures are pretty darn AWESOME!!! Wow! :lol:


Tom O.
MKS pics

Great pictures. In the first shot of the rough forgings, did you notice the scope mount in the background? Looks exactly like one of those TSA mounts. Interesting. I wonder if there is any connection between MKS and TSA. Why would MKS display another manufacturers product with theirs???? Another mystery to be solved by the M14 detectives of this forum.
Yes, the newly forged MKS receivers had the center dismount notch and op rod rail forward end under side groove. Those are definitely verboten on any M14 receiver made for sale to mortals after 05/19/86. The ATF raided the machine shop in Connecticut and confiscated all the receivers that had those machining cuts. If the receiver did not have those machining cuts they were not confiscated. I got this information from Lou at LRB Arms during a telephone interview in October, 2003.

The selector was a welded dummy.Thing could not have fired full auto if it had to. Mike kelly was dumb enough to get in a pissing contest with the ATF, guess who won. Guess who lost, all us guys who got one. ATF said give it up. Last I heard they had him in the cross bar hilton. Hope they put him in a cell with a BIG guy named Bubba. Not that I aprove of what the ATF did, but because of the way that he treated the people who bought from him.
I had orderd and paid for a MK Specalties rack grade M14. I was so Pi**ed off when they closed him down. But I have to say, He returned all my money. Sa got the check instead. I would loved to have gotten that rifle. (not that I'm disapointed with the SA)

If you got your check back you were one of the lucky few.

Hmmmm ...... :D The gods must have been with me on that one
I think that guy could have pulled it off if he had done something different with the link to the operating rod. It just made too obvious that it could be made select-fire. Sure it would take work but I could have made it select fire. BUT: When I orded one I wasen't interested in that full auto stuff. I was in it for the classic look.
Mike Kelly could have made the receivers just as LRB has done and sent along or added Hawks Dummy Kit.


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