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"Missing" Ammo Shipment

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One of the big 2 shipping companies supposedly delivered a 1/2 case of 308 to my office thursday afternoon while I was out of town. I get home saturday evening and swing by our office and I cant find it. Our office is open 24/7/365, we never close, ever! Someone is always there, and usually several or more people are there at all hours of the day.

Apparenly, this deliveryman took the package to one room in the building, where 2 people were "on watch" that day. Which in and of itself was not out of the ordinary but, then whoever was in the room where the package was delivered would normally sign for the package. Not someone else in another room. And having 2 people there made it all the more unlikely that both were out of the room at the very same time that he delivered the package. Making having another employee in a different part of the building, who never actually saw the package, sign for it, odd. Very odd!

Now, Ive had dozens of shipments of ammo delivered this way, and the deliveryman this time was the "regular" deliveryman, so, why now? Why take this box? Doesn't add up either.

While its only $350, its annoying, to say the least. And I would love to catch a thief.

I paid by Visa, and purchased shipping insurance from the seller and was probably charged a week ago, maybe 10 days ago now.

Is there any recourse? File a complaint with the shipper? Any other ideas?
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Looking back at your OP, you say "One of the big 2 shipping companies..."

At least FedEx was taking it to the leasing office for you...
MY experience with FedEx, is them leaving $1200 worth of computer parts on my apartment doorstep, shipped from NewEgg. With NewEgg, any purchase over a certain amount using PayPal requires a signature. So, not only did the tard leave $1200 package on my door, he then lied, and said he dropped it off at the leasing office, and forged my signature, saying that I signed for it....at the leasing office....why would I sign for a package, at the leasing office? Hell, I would have been happy if he would have left it at the office, it's better than it just sitting at my door for 6 hours, with a giant NewEgg label on the box, for anyone who knows what NewEgg is to swipe.

I almost claimed theft to teach the lying SOB a lesson, but I have a conscious, and couldn't bring myself to lie and steal for principle.

The best of luck to the OP and quick recovery of the missing package.
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