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Miss new york

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I don't have any M14/1A "revelations", but had to say Hello.. was born raised in Brooklyn.. Father moved us to L.I. Me NYTel out of school then AT&T at divestiture.. transferred all over Country.. wound up w/Verizon in TX.. laid off.. me old Crew at in NY/West St/Pyramid got me transferred to their group.. worked at Verizon Bayshore too. Then we ALL got laid off.. back to TX with Wife and Kids still climbing back. GREAT to see NY presence here. Miss the hell out of NY. Still have family in Bayridge, Woodhaven Oueens, Larchmont, and N. Jersey.. the rest now in FL. Me Brother lives in Suffolk, Miller Place, and tells me he can't buy semi-auto ANYTHING now(?). Really that bad under komowami/deblazio now?

Used to run me '57 Chrysler 300C out towards what's now past LIE 60 many times well over 115 mph... knew some SuffolkHP then who raced Conduit with us in early 70's.. NY National days. Even blew past Nassau HP when they ran 421 Catalina's if any of you guys are "old enough" to remember those. They couldn't catch me 300C though I wasn't stupid enough to test their radios too long... knew the exits and turns. Golden Memories. I tell you GOL-DEN. Next time we get back I need to see this Calverton Range where I hear you guys can shoot now.. used to sleep off under that Beautiful F-14 TomCat next to Calverton Nat. Our Father is planted there under the tallest Oak tree on the grounds.

With what goes on in our Country these days you guys help keep me sane. I recently joined as more than a long time lurker and damn glad I did. Even a dope like me is learning here. Bought a Fulton Standard from Clint McKee in 2006 when he was still working off NOS.. This guy was a Master. Built me a "Standard" freak, tack driver... WIN TG, Rod, TRW Bolt machined up and indexed superbly. Me second now accumulating part$ this trip all TRW as $ permits.. and their ain't much perm$$ion either w/both me Son's in college here.. 2/4 yrs. to go. They were born here, but run up to me Brother when they can.. LOVE to fish off O'Sullivan's Boat out of Port Jeff for Stripers, Blues, Doormats, Porgies. He's damn near walking distance from Uncle Paul and Uncle Paul's '88 27 ft. Sea Ray. Fishing seemed down for yrs., but fish made a comeback the past years it seems. I used to fish Shinnecock Canal and surf east of Smith Pt. when I was their age. It was a drive from Brooklyn too. Best fishing anywhere. We always wound up blind drunk at Shinnecock.. was good place for it somehow. Kids Love me Yanks too. Got it from me. I remind them both they ain't Yank Fans unless they ride the 4 up to River Av. and '61st St. NO escaldes, bmw's, or rice rockets.

ANYWAY, Thanks for listening to me rant IF you're still awake or didn't hang up on me the first 5 seconds. More, Thanks for letting me come HOME once in a while. Hopefully I can find some of you Bandits next trip up there out at Calverton or the other place in Yaphank (?) I saw in a older thread here about some sourpuss type guy that all the guys really say is a thoroughbred after get to know him. Hell, I didn't even know about Yaphank place to shoot either. I tell ALL OF YOU.. leave NY and realize it's the greatest place to LIVE. Used to be for SURE. Keep on guys.. it's in a word Special reading this part of the Forum to me. And hey.. only 714 days more of 0bumah. And we'll survive him too.


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