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Military Secretive About GPS Blackout Over California

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Like one of the comments said, You can bet if they disclose an area of testing, it is only a front to draw your attention away from the real area of operation. Who knows, but it is a little suspicious to me. I don't ever use a GPS. I know where I am and know how to use a compass and a map. Your thoughts?

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I'm not sure how you can blackout sattelite signals over a wide area, but since our .mil is so reliant on GPS too I must assume theirs still work somehow. It concerns me the amount of ops here in the states targeting primarily american civilians/cities while arming Isis and the brotherhood, flooding us w/ Syrian 'refugees' etc.
Very simply, if we are reliant on it, other are as well. It would behoove us to know how to "turn off" a GPS if required.

"...he who can destroy a thing, controls a thing..." Paul Atreides
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Gps is a military system not a private system. They designed it so if they want they flip a switch and off it goes for the rest of us. The miltary/government will be able to use it, but we the people can't if they don't want us too.

That is why other governments are trying to setup there own version of gps. They won't have to depend on the US government for there purposes.

That's all I have to say about that, for now!
At present, the US owns the current satellite constellation that provides GPS signals, but the technology is not secret and there is nothing to prevent a hostile fraction or country to launch there own constellation (or partial constellation). That would mean that anyone could have their own GPS guided bombs, etc....
I seen this on Drudge report. It doesn't surprise me that they're testing it. I've seen a lot of that sort of thing when I worked at Yuma proving ground. It's a great idea since every long range ballistic missile is GPS guided and with Iran, and n Korea testing missiles on top of China and Russia putting around off the coast of California in nuclear subs...
None of our strategic ballistic missiles are GPS guided. They all rely on inertial guidance with stellar observing to assist and correct for drift. Unless someone knows how to turn off the stars and negate the laws of physics, ours are un-jammable. The Trident D5 is accurate to 90 meters, the Minuteman III is accurate to 120 meters.

I am certain the old Soviet designed strategic ballistic missiles have the same type of guidance, as they were designed long before there was a GPS. The Russians haven't changed the concept of their guidance, since they actually don't own a GPS constellation.

Same goes for the Chinese. Of for that matter the Indians, Pakistanis, Iranian and even Kim Jong-un...

The problem isn't the strategic threat, think smaller . . .

(you can buy GPS guided drones that can fly, without human intervention, along a pre-planed route, with up to 125 waypoints. Imagine the possibilities....)
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Switch # 1- Cell phones
Switch # 2- GPS
Switch # 3- Internet
Switch # 4- Power Grid
Switch # 5- Water Supply

Switch ON / OFF ..... ?

Everything can be switched off in less time than it took for you to read the OP.

Really now, how secure are you and your family?

Land line
Map and compass
Who really needs the internet to survive, anyway?
Well water
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