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Having flown for about 20 years myself, I can tell you I like the video of a plane crash as much as anyone. But...........NBC News sucks outright. The worst of the worst.

When the book is written about the downfall of the USA, one of the chapters will be the failure of the "press" to keep the politician honest and how they slanted the news in favor of the socialists every time.

NBC News pays for news. Completely unethical. They paid for this footage. If you pay for video, it is not news. It is entertainment. This is cool, but should have never been aired on a news program.

Get your stopwatch and time any network news now. At best, the topics in the first 300 seconds are biased and newsworthy. The rest of the show is a stew of social engineering and total crap.

Thanks for the post. And understand how it got on the "news".

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