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We need to start a thread about things we can do to detect and out these scammers BEFORE we send our money.
Like maybe, have them send to prospective buyer a copy of their drivers license, voter ID card, electric bill, etc. Anyone who refuses that I wouldn't send my money to. Also, pictures of something with a date and time in it written on an index card. Just a couple of things off top of my head.

MODS: Why don't you start this thread for us please. Title it "SCAMMERS: Things you can do to detect them" or something like that.
CMP forums has a BEWARE of username xxx sticky at the top of the page on the FOR SALE OR TRADE Parts section, its useful to see if anyone is a potential scammer. May be useful in here as well in the PX & BX.
1 - 2 of 108 Posts