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Media causing panic in my own family.

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We all know the goal of the Media is to spread FEAR, and misinformation. Well it sure does work.

I will be going home in a few weeks with my family, my sister and her family will be there as well. Last year i persuaded my mom to buy a S&W air weight j-frame for protection. She has ran about 100 rounds through it so when I go up in a few weeks I will be shooting with her and teaching her about it. Im also bringing several pistols and a few rifles for my family to try and have fun with.

So I ask my sister if she would like to go shooting with us when we get there. She freaked, told me I could not bring any of my guns, and that "there will be too many kids, someone will get shot"

I was amazed, the media has brainwashed her into thinking that being in the mere presence of a firearm will cause death and destruction. I told her "I have 15 firearms in my house and my kids are still alive to this day." I even told her not to worry because the guns would be locked up in the car and the ammo would also be in locked separate containers. She did not care, Her fear is real, she practically cried begging me not to bring the guns.

Now she is my younger sister, and I don't listen to her anyways so I will be bringing some guns up. Im just sick of the media hype and how they cause widespread fear and panic. This dang terrorist has once again grabbed the medias attention and they are running wild like they always do. Everyday i see new articles on the EVIL AR-15.

Has the media been successful in turing your family members against firearms as well?
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I just stopped by my LGS to check the pulse. He said AR's, mags and ammo are flying out the door. He also said they have had several gay couples buy guns in the last 4 days. That's encouraging to hear. The demoncratic party sure as hell won't protect them. It's good to see the epiphany! No one will protect you except you!
That is great news to hear! In all this negativity these last few days FINALLY something good. Great for them.

More bad news though. I talked to my local shop here in town this morning and he stated that his 3 dealers are already sold out of AR-15's.
I'm not an AR guy but it seems the media is definitely causing another scare.
gays from all over the country are buying up guns. ar15s are flying off the shelf... lol
I hope you are right!! We need to help them find good training courses not only for AR's but also pistols! Not sure how to do that exactly....

"Can you find me another one without going through the FFL, from a private seller?".
Dude, a clear thinking woman......that's rare....treat her well!!
My niece who was very anti, has now seen the light and is seeking training. She was the only anti in the family.
What was the turning point?
“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.”

Mark Twain
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What was the turning point?
Not completely sure. I'm about 1500mi away and got this from my mother. Mom said she is now on board and looking for training. Before, when I was still living in the area, she would visit and a few times was scared that it was cleaning day, with parts all layer out. I tried taking her shooting a few times and she never wanted in. Next time I'm in town I'll see if I can talk to her and find out what made her change her mind.
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Didn't happen in mine, and both our boys I've taught to shoot, and I placed 10/22's each their own first rifle/s in their hands each at 12 years old. And they have lots of vets in the family who have also kept them aware where they listened and learned well. We are blessed and I know it. Many kids are these days forced to tow a leftist agenda. But not so much here in Texas. Keep at her with facts. Hopefully you can break the fog placed on her. Thing is, it's not so much our firearms the leftist wants... it's our very freedom and liberty they so lust after. The satanic notion that in their assumed pseudo intellectualism they "know what's best" for us flyovers ... the unwashed masses between their colonies of Boston, NYC where I was born and raised, Baltimore, WashDC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and others no doubt. They'll not have it though they might get 15% compliance on a future attempted grab. It remains my fervent belief that some here will shed blood over this and more before it's "over". More, there's plenty of empirical evidence to the contrary, but it will NOT be spotted in the pages of yahoo/vox/vibe/nyt/esquire/rolling stoned/time/huffpuff post/salon (probably THE most repugnant cowards), etc. My "epiphany" came many years ago before my Father died.. he was an avid participating member of the John Birch Society and served under Bill Donovan during WWII. One day while waiting for him I picked up his latest issue of the National Review. I was so absorbed I literally read it cover to cover... then it STRUCK me that what I'd been hearing vs what I just read... somebody was/is LYING. I moved from there and never looked back. Try to introduce her to completely Unbiased sources of FACTS. They are out there just waiting to be read. Try to have her verify WHAT she reads against empirical and documented evidence.

I could say much more, but I recently got a warning from Site Admin on something I said related to this where truth is my hand called for it the WAY I stated it, and this site and the men I've come to know here keep me centered at a very ominous time in this Country I purely love. A real handle in my life so I'll keep my mouth closed past this. I feel you on this and more. Hopefully it gets straightened on the way to these young minds inheriting what was bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers.

edit: THIS is what I'm talking about. The gene pool really needs some Clorox. This is what young American girls are being exposed to. If you don't want to vomit (part of "Teen Vogue's "Prom" issue, hold off reading it for after dinner. Heinous repugnant FILTH.

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whats funny with the media doing this is that I just read an article about how gays from all over the country are buying up guns. ar15s are flying off the shelf... lol
Saw it too. Now too they're pitting gays against gays. Classic, no?
Their agenda is Stunning. It will only increase.
One day they they're going to regret it when it backfires on them.
I wish our federal government was as concerned with spending control as they are about gun control.
Response to post 20

The most common sense thing I have read in a while.

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^^^^ Jay , I wish they were just half as concerned about America as they are holding onto their ricebowl and a globalist oligarchy agenda.
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