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Media causing panic in my own family.

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We all know the goal of the Media is to spread FEAR, and misinformation. Well it sure does work.

I will be going home in a few weeks with my family, my sister and her family will be there as well. Last year i persuaded my mom to buy a S&W air weight j-frame for protection. She has ran about 100 rounds through it so when I go up in a few weeks I will be shooting with her and teaching her about it. Im also bringing several pistols and a few rifles for my family to try and have fun with.

So I ask my sister if she would like to go shooting with us when we get there. She freaked, told me I could not bring any of my guns, and that "there will be too many kids, someone will get shot"

I was amazed, the media has brainwashed her into thinking that being in the mere presence of a firearm will cause death and destruction. I told her "I have 15 firearms in my house and my kids are still alive to this day." I even told her not to worry because the guns would be locked up in the car and the ammo would also be in locked separate containers. She did not care, Her fear is real, she practically cried begging me not to bring the guns.

Now she is my younger sister, and I don't listen to her anyways so I will be bringing some guns up. Im just sick of the media hype and how they cause widespread fear and panic. This dang terrorist has once again grabbed the medias attention and they are running wild like they always do. Everyday i see new articles on the EVIL AR-15.

Has the media been successful in turing your family members against firearms as well?
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I am so fortunate that I grew up in a gun loving protect yourself family. My mother owns a Walther PPK with pink hand grips and a pink...yes pink AR-15. She called me up this morning asking me if I wanted any 556 from walmart while she buys them out. I turned it down being a .308 guy. The only 556 I have is my mini 14 and having a couple thousand rounds is good for me.

Also my grandmother who is still rocking a 1930's S&W police model .38 special and has been for ages apparently scared a home security system sales man away the other day when he asked her what she would do when a bad guy comes to rob her home. She pulled her hand out of her purse with that very pistol in her hand. The guy left. She also rocks a M1 Carbine next to her bed bless her stone cold heart.

Gave my dad this fathers day a Russian RAK Ak47 from Atlantic Firearms complete with a 75rd drum and six 30 round steel mags. He wanted an M14 but told him to get his own lol.

None of these evil guns have decided to off any of us and in fact have scared away 3 potential burglars at my residence and an unknown amount that my grandmother has deterred. One time my grandmother was on her way to her car after work (she worked night shift but now retired) and a guy walked up to her and asked her what she had in her purse. Obviously about to rob her. She just said "Not much but I got this for your CENSOREDGI
and pulled her .38 out. She said he ran away and into a busy highway and almost got ran over and kept running.

Ahh Good stuff. I am so glad I am not simple minded drone like the media wants you to be. Protect yourself. The cops are reinforcements not a defense.
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I just stopped by my LGS to check the pulse. He said AR's, mags and ammo are flying out the door. He also said they have had several gay couples buy guns in the last 4 days. That's encouraging to hear. The demoncratic party sure as hell won't protect them. It's good to see the epiphany! No one will protect you except you!
That is great news to hear! In all this negativity these last few days FINALLY something good. Great for them.

More bad news though. I talked to my local shop here in town this morning and he stated that his 3 dealers are already sold out of AR-15's.
I'm not an AR guy but it seems the media is definitely causing another scare.
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