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Media causing panic in my own family.

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We all know the goal of the Media is to spread FEAR, and misinformation. Well it sure does work.

I will be going home in a few weeks with my family, my sister and her family will be there as well. Last year i persuaded my mom to buy a S&W air weight j-frame for protection. She has ran about 100 rounds through it so when I go up in a few weeks I will be shooting with her and teaching her about it. Im also bringing several pistols and a few rifles for my family to try and have fun with.

So I ask my sister if she would like to go shooting with us when we get there. She freaked, told me I could not bring any of my guns, and that "there will be too many kids, someone will get shot"

I was amazed, the media has brainwashed her into thinking that being in the mere presence of a firearm will cause death and destruction. I told her "I have 15 firearms in my house and my kids are still alive to this day." I even told her not to worry because the guns would be locked up in the car and the ammo would also be in locked separate containers. She did not care, Her fear is real, she practically cried begging me not to bring the guns.

Now she is my younger sister, and I don't listen to her anyways so I will be bringing some guns up. Im just sick of the media hype and how they cause widespread fear and panic. This dang terrorist has once again grabbed the medias attention and they are running wild like they always do. Everyday i see new articles on the EVIL AR-15.

Has the media been successful in turing your family members against firearms as well?
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Not yet and likely not ever. So ask your sister how long she thinks it would take the police to come to her aid if she needed them and remind her it only took three hours in Orlando to stop the carnage. Better have her lock up all her knives too, someone might get their head cut off, and while she's at it, better not bathe the kids in a tub nor drive them anywhere in a car since kids might drown or get killed in a car accident. Her kids must not ride bikes nor play sports either; sounds like a horrible child hood to me, nothing left to do other than play video games, wait that might turn them into Adam Lanza types; guess they can just sit around and watch CNN and MSNBC, that's safe, that won't turn them into a bed wetting mental case.......

Well that the thing, It like your kids have a higher chance of running with scissors and falling on them….. I only have the media to blame because she's been around guns growing up, her husband had a SAI 1911 gi, (not sure if he still has it) In the past i have shown her my stuff. But now she's all weird about it.

Its true also that the time it takes to dial 911, and wait for cops to save you the BG will already be done. But when I tell her such things she has irrational answers to them. When we are all home i want to try to get her out shooting with me. Im gonna talk to her in person and try to change her mind about "unsafe guns"

My wife was a hunter, and the rest of my family is good with firearms. Just her, and was curious to who else had this problem. I know a lot of you have been through the AWB of 94, but I was only 10 at that point. I grew up with hunting guns, but didn't buy my first pistol and ar rifle till 2007. The worst i have gone through was sandy hook, now this is at it again. Only good news is this time I have a good amount of ammo and all the mags i need. To weather the coming S*** storm of price gouging.
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