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1) McMillan M14/ M1A Stock. I would also trade this stock for another McMillan stock with a standard metal buttplate, as you can see this one has a rubber pad. The rubber pad is a special order item from McMillan, but is not service rifle legal. I want to set my rifle up to be legal for service rifle competition. I am hoping that someone might have a McMillan stock with a standard metal buttplate but would prefer to have a softer rubber pad on their rifle. Please let me know if you would like additional pictures.... $375.00

2) USGI new in the tube M14 flash hider. Manufactured by Olin and dated 11/62. $130.00

3) Commercial made flash hider modified to be assault weapons ban compliant. $25.00

I'll take USPS MO or personal check but the items will be held until check clears....prices are shipped... Thanks!!
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