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Mawhinney/Remington retro M40 on GB

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Be very interested to see what this goes for with penny start bid. I would bid for giggles but have an SSA M40 on the way now.

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I think that rifle will sell for close to $3k, but we'll see.

Chuck Mawhinney with one of those replicas circa 2012:

I got mine in 2015, along with a green Redfield/Leupold scope and Badger Ordnance replica M40 mount:

Stock has pretty nice grain, and the bedding job that GA Precision does is really neat and clean. (Scope has a Mil-Dot reticle that subtends correctly at 9x...that is important to me)

Some purists kind-of pooh-pooh these green Redfield/Leupold Commerative scopes as its not an exact replica of the original 1960s era Redfield scopes. However, I wanted a shooter to use for the "Vietnam era" vintage sniper matches held at Quantico, and when you shot an M40 replica at 800 yards and then 1000 yards, you learn two things quickly about the original configuration.

1. The 'M40 Commemorative' 3-9x scope on the Badger Ordnance reproduction M40 scope mount simply runs out of elevation around 800 yards if you start with a 200 yard zero. (its a 0 cant scope base with a 1" scope tube).
2. The Mil-Dot reticle is really needed for hold-overs at that range. The original Accu-Range ain't going to cut it when you are aiming a 1 MOA x-ring target at 800/1000 yards.

Here's a 2015 picture from the Quantico match at the 800 yard line. My Chuck Mawhinney replica is to the left of the picture, and my shooting partner that day was using an honest to goodness Russian-made Draganov rifle (apparently one of the last 100 imported in 1994 before the Assault Rifle Ban took place. He gave me all kinds of interesting info on these rifles). Anyhow, I learned the limits of my M40 that day at Quantico...and as a result my scores were not great.

So my opinion is that the M40 in original configuration is good to 600 or 700 yards, but beyond that you may need to get creative like I did and had my gunsmith add a shim under the rear scope base. (I have since Cerakoted that aluminum shim black - so its now hard to see/and less "Bubba-like"):

Anyhow, its a neat rifle and whoever wins that auction will hopefully be happy with it.
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