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Match Report - Two new personal bests

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Shot at the Temple Service Rifle Match this morning. A Summer cold front was rolling through, so it was pretty windy first thing in the AM for the offhand (can you say "wobble") and sitting stage. At least the wind blew out some of the humidity, though, and kept the temps fairly low (upper 80s and low 90s - near perfect Summer weather for Central Texas). It was also sunny and bright, which made things a little tricky in the offhand when the sun was low and to the right, and in the slow prone once the sun was getting towards full strength and the mirage started kicking up a bit, along with some glare off the top of my front sight.

I was shooting Port Lot FNM 80-1 out of my M1A Brigid, who has 7K+ rounds through her barrel and is not bedded. I decided to go with the Port over the Aussie this match because both yesterday and Tuesday when I was shooting some targets for the M14 Firing Line Postal Match, I was getting better groups with the Port than I was with the Aussie.

Well, the Port performed well today, and I managed to shoot two personal bests this morning. First was the 193x7 I shot in the rapid prone, and second was the overall score of 725x9 that I shot. Two of the goals I set for myself this summer were to shoot over 190 in the rapid prone and to shoot over 720 total. :) I was pretty dubious about being able to do so, though, considering that everyone keeps saying that my barrel has to be shot out with so many rounds through her (hmm, could this be a possible testimonial for either Wilson or Otis?). Now I just have two more goals to meet for the Summer, break 180 offhand and 190 sitting.

I might have gotten an even higher score in the rapid prone, but my first string was mostly in the nine ring at 6:00. My first sighter was in the ten ring at 12:00 and my second was in the nine ring at 11:00, so I dropped one click of elevation, but then my first string went low for a score of 94x1. I added a half a click of elevation, and shot a 99x6 on the second string, though. My other scores were: 172x1 offhand, 178x0 sitting, and 182-1 slow prone (reduced for 300yds).

I can't wait till I finish saving up for a new barrel and bedding job. 8)
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What kind of Barrel on it now?


Newbie here. Nice shooting, you’ve got high standards. What kind of barrel is on it now ? Curious what kind is holding up that well.
Aloha TEA:

Congrats! Looks like some impressive shooting to me! How much practice time do you make for yourself to get ready for match shooting?

Keep the range reports coming! Cool!


Tom O.
8541beirut, my M1A Loaded was built in '99 (I bought it in March 2001) when SA Inc was using Wilson barrels - hence the question as to whether this is more of a testimonial for Wilson, who made the barrel, or Otis, whose cleaning kit I've been using since shortly after I put my first 1K rounds through this barrel. From what I've read, Wilson is still turning the blanks for SA Inc, and SA Inc is finishing the barrels themselves.

Dighawai'i, I haven't been able to get nearly as much practice time as I'd like. Aside from matches, which I shoot about 2x-3x a month, I've only gone to the range 3x in the last six months. :oops: I try and do some dry firing exercizes once a week or so, but it tends to me more a case of "or so." :wink: :oops: So, in the last year, the matches themselves tend to be my practice time.
Thanks TEA, good scoop.
TEA, thats some cool shooting, before long you will be kicking Trung,s ass-ets. :lol:
:wink: Milo Maker I Believe he has done that a couple of times already. :?:
Only close once. You beat me by three points when I scored my previous personal best of 715. I think you must have been having a bad day. 8)

PS, is Milo Maker a certain Central Texas farmer I know that drives a white Dodge truck? :?:
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