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Mark 4 rings, what am I missing?

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I've been looking for some good rings since my burris ones broke on install (think I got a lemon pair, my husband screwed the rear ring in and it the hex head snapped off halfway through). I keep looking at the leupold mark 4 rings and can't seem to find a solution. Is there a difference in mark 4 rings in respect to the rail interface?


Are these the same?


I'm looking at the 1-inch medium. I don't know if they're just labeled different or if they're two different rings. Are they both picatinny rings? I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you guys!

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As far as I can tell those are the same rings but of different composition (aluminum versus steel).

The difference in Mark 4 rings usually manifests itself in size. There are medium, high, very high Mark 4 rings. Be sure to select a ring size that suits your scope, firearm, and personal desire.

For instance, I had to use high rings on my M1A because I wanted to see my iron sights underneath (in the event I had to transition to them). Had I used Medium rings, I wouldn't have been able to use my iron sights.
I am going to suppose you have a 1913 picattinny rail correct?

Contrary to what they will sometimes tell you weaver and pica tinny are different (weaver is wider and putting a piccatiny scope mount on a weaver rail with break it)

The midway add says piccatiny and the brown ells does not specify. generally i think its a sage bet they are piccatiny rails. The sad part is theres no real way to know by their adds

I would order it then put them on your rail.

The black rail in the pic is a weaver rail. and the tan is 1913 piccatiny.

I wrenched the ring pictured on and left it tight (was not ideal but i didn't know better at the time and learned all this when i removed the scope from the weapon)

note the way it doesn't all lock up nice and neat. If this happens the you have a weaver rail and need weaver rings, but this is very unlikely it should lock up nice and clean to your rail.

just don't force anything and you will be fine. It should tighten up hand tight.
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