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Marine Corps League M1 Raffle

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Listen up Marines,

Marine Corps League detachment 288 in Upland, PA is chancing off
a CMP Special Grade M1 Garand.
Thats a practically new Garand for $20. per ticket.
Only 200 tickets will be sold.

If anyone wants the details,send an E-mail to:

[email protected]
and I'll get the info forwarded to you.

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MCL Garand

Thanks for the kind words.

I will say something good about the CMP.
We told them what we were doing and the shipped the piece in about 1 week.

They were the nicest people to deal with and one of my shooting team had bought a Special Grade Garand last year and he was amazed at the quality and accuracy.

To tell the truth, some guys get all gooey when all the parts have the right numbers and stamps and are weird about all kinds of little things about a Garand.

But the best feeling is when you shoot a NEW Garand put together by people who know their business and you go home with the #1 medal after the shoot.

Tickets are going at a brisk rate.
We decided that we will do the raffle as soon as all the tickets are sold.
Tha could be in July the way these tickets are selling.
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