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No wood, but I was definitely going for the "classic" look here.

"Before" Pictures:

"After" Pictures:

I decided to give LaFawnduh a new hairdo. So, here's what I did:

1. Bought a Fiberglass M14 upper handguard from TreelineM14.
2. Chopped the back end of the handguard off until it was to length.
3. Ground down the side-bottom areas of the handguard until it was short enough to fit in the upper handguard slot.
4. Cut slots out of the right side of the handguard for the charging handle to pass freely.
5. Made a clip for the handguard to attach to the barrel.
6. Drilled a hole through the handguard and barrel clip.
7. Attached the clip to the handguard using a screw and nut.
8. Ground down the screw and nut so it didn't poke too far out the top of the handguard.
9. Clipped the handguard to the barrel.
10. Painted all parts black, set aside to dry.
11. Tested for fit and function.

My inspiration for this project was this photo, from Chilly at Perfect Union:

Let me know what you think!

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Looks good! BIGTHUMPUP

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Cool! Nice work!

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If your Mini has a Ruger-built flash-hider (like the Tactical or Deluxe) it's EXTREMELY simple to install an L1A! 'hider from the British FAL.

1. Remove the factory flash-hider (it's on TIGHT, and you may need some heat)

2.Cut about 3/8" off the back of the Brit item and try threading it onto the muzzle.

3. By trial and error, grind or file the the rear of the Brit 'hider until it ALMOST draws up (i,e.: within a few degrees) to the front sight with the bayonet lug at ALMOST six o'clock.

4. Do a test tightening to ensure you CAN draw it up TIGHTLY to the front sight in the proper orientation. Adjust length as needed.

5. Remove it after final fitting, , clean everything thoroughly, apply red Loc-Tite to the threads, and tighten it down again with the bayonet lug at 6:00.

DONE! You now have a clean installation of a bar-type flash-hider....AND, you can also mount the L1A1 bayonet, easily available at most gun shows.

Just use a bit of care in the final fitting for length. My Deluxe Mini has now fired hundreds of rounds since the installation with no signs of loosening.

Not only that, but the point-of-impact doesn't change very much, even with the bayonet mounted.

The L1A1 flash-hider can be had at Numrich for about ten bucks or so.
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