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MAKE 1 extended out of 2 mags, PICS...I hope

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FIRSt -one is the over all shot
SECOND- one s close up of weld. HEAT is critical obviously. Not pretty but it worked
THIRD- is spring weld

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pics changed to urls as they exceed the board maximum of 400 pixels in width.....The R.O.
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if you take a dremel tool and grind down the welds a bit, bead blast and park it it will look a lot better.....what mags did you use for the project?
Here's a home made forty rounder in use on a M14A1 by the New Peoples Army in the Philippines.

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Won't the shells get caught up without the curve to keep them in line?
Mrs. Different and some of her relatives had to E&E from the NPA for three years by hiding and living in the jungles of Mindanao. The NPA doesn't play around. Given that information and the common Filipino trait of making the best of what one has, I'd bet a pay check that extended magazine in the photo works like a champ. :wink:
Oh I'm sure that one works fine. I meant the one in the picture by the poster. With tapered cases the longer the mag the more curve needs to be put in it.
I once say a filipino hammer a belt buckle out of a couple brass shell casings, engrave it by hand and polish it in less than an hour. I still wear it 20 years later. I know how resourseful they are.
Im not trying to rain on anyones day but doesnt that cross over into the realm of manufacturing mags? Im a little fuzzy on the federal side of that law. It looks cool but Id hate to see someone get jammed up with the law over having fun.

just my .02
he did it long ago. also the atf has ruled that welding together preban mags to make on large perban mag is ok.

Cool thanks for the info fubar
And in the pic on the far right ya see a barrel & alittle wood. Looks like a Garand to me. :lol:
huntinghawk said:
And in the pic on the far right ya see a barrel & alittle wood. Looks like a Garand to me. :lol:
there is also one dead center just behind the guy with the M203.

in fact that looks like quite the hodgepodge of weapons. resupply has got to be a nightmare. that would be the situation with the platoon i could supply.
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