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mags. what kind and where?

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ive been reading in here and I have more questions now then before. So ill start with these. Im looking for a couple of 20 rnd mags. Whate is the best to buy? What kind and where to get them? 8)

thanks sally
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Everybody asks same questions all the time. :wink:
Not long ago, some discussion pointed your answers to Cole's distributing. Please search the whole forum first. You will know the answer. 8)
coles is the place. www.coledistributing.com i've bought more than a few from them. sometimes you can find deals on mags at shows. a while back at a show near here, there was a guy with a bunch at $30 a piece.
Aloha Sally,

Be aware that aftermarket M14 type mags have been known to fail and waste money. I think most will agree that the USGI or Chicom mags are the way to go. As a general rule of thumb.

Coles has the best and steadiest supply of mags, but you can find some really good deals occasionally on the WTS sections.

Aloha and Good Luck!

Tom O.
According to their Website:
Like new: $36.95 ea or 10 for $360.00
NIW: $44.95 or 10 for $440.00
collector 2-pack: $89.95
collector 4-pack: $179.95
all prices are shipping extra

NOTE: Link worked at time of post
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