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mags for M14

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What is the consensus for the best mags to use for M14 clones? I have a Bula Defense M14. It came w/ one mag, so I'm obviously in a magazine deficit. Are the ProMags worth getting? Will Springfield mags work in other M14 clones? Advice? Thanks.
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Springfield mags are made by a company called CMI, Forget springfield get Springfield as they raised the price .
Bu from CMI or get real USGI mags from members here on the forum.
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Nothing in stock.....of course....:rolleyes:
Watch gunbroker. You can usually find KMT or Borg Warner GI mags at a reasonable price. I just looked and didn’t see any today, but they’ll come up. I got a lot of 4 a few months ago for 25 each in good (almost unused) condition
Hello ... I have some USGI M14 magazines I'm going to list in awhile. Sold some a few months ago for a retired Marine friend, and doing so again as he's not into eStuff. Springs, followers in perfect operating condition as he replaced any that weren't. The mag bodies are in good condition but have the normal worn spots from use. He's looking for $40 each. BRW S-1s, KMTs, UHC and an OM.
^^^^^^ This is going to be your best bet. ^^^^^^^ SAI mags are Checkmate Industries (CMI), and CMI's are the current government issue, but SAI cost quite a bit more from their website. Like $59.99. -Lloyd 🍻
C.M.I. mags. Unless you can get real USGI mags, but you have to do your homework for sure on those, I got burned on counterfeits way back in the day.
Mags are one thing for sure you don't want to cheap out on.
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Nothing in stock.....of course....:rolleyes:
I have to not only wait for them to become available but also to be "CA legal" blocked, only good way to block a Mag is with bullets :cool:
I have a JRA M14 which I am guessing all or most the parts were made by Bula Defense.The magazine that was included is a Check-Mate Industries one. I bought 10 more CMI ones.
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