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Magazine ?

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I am sure this has been asked plenty of times but here goes.
What is the best brand (If there is more than one) of magazines to buy?
Where is the best place to buy them?
And what is the average price?
I am looking into getting a Springfield M1A but am torn between the Scout and the SOCOM. I thought I would do some research while I try to decide so any info you can provide would be appreciated.
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All USGI mags are very good and the Chi-com mags are not to bad. Last I heard Coles had some USGI at a fair price. Even the used but good condition ones. I'm sure others will chime in on there favorite supply, or you can do a simple search of old posts with Mag or Magazines as a keyword. I got plenty a few years ago so have not had to shop around lately. I don't think the AWB sunsetting will change prices anytime real soon. I'd get some older USGI mags ASAP. Ther'e made very well.
As per choice between Scout or SOCOM, see if you can get a SA Bush rifle. They were exactly same as the Scout but $150 less money & came without the forward scope mount. I have three M1As & its the last of the three I wouls part with.
Just be forewarned if you buy a M1A of any type chances are you will not stop there.I purchased my first one less then six months ago and now with number three about to be built.I finaly thought i could stop.....BUT now they come out with the Socom(BASTARDS).So now i have to go for number four.The only advice I can give you is decide what rifle suits you best. scout/bush is a nice trade off between the standard and the socom.As far as mags go any U.S.G.I. mag from what i can gather is best.The cost depends on the condition..new in wrap,like new,very good and so on.I found mags new in wrap for about $37.00 bucks shipped.I posted a thread in steals and deals.They are te best deal I found.Goodluck and no matter what ever M1A you get this is the best place for the people and products to keep it shooting like a champ.Ray
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