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Mag Spring Problem?

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I went out to the range and tried to get off 20 without a jam but couldn't. Seemed that the spring wasn't pushing the rounds up high enough to clear the lip of the mag. I tried both handloads and some Port. so I don't think it was the ammo.I have kept rounds (20) in the mags for the last 2 or 3 months. Do you think I compressed the spring too much? They are USGI but I can't see a date. I know I used to keep the M-16 mags under-loaded while in Nam.
If I screwed up the springs, are there decent replacements available?
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Have you taken the mag apart to make sure the inside is clean? Is the mag spring installed in the mag correctly? Has the mag worked correctly before?

Sarco sales mag rebuild kits real cheap. A real good thing to have some of them.


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I don't think that full compression of the mag spring for "that" short of time should hurt it but I would think that it will for a longer period of time ...

I for one (just my personal preference) "never" load any of my mags to their full capacity anyway and in Nam we did the same thing ...

Eighteem or nineteen max but never the full limit and I keep my civie models that way as well to this day.

This way you eliminate the "possibility" of this scenario occuring and besides ....

If I can hit what I am aiming at in the first couple of rounds then I am in big trouble anyway ...

JMO ...


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Good advise by all... If you find that it is a spring or damaged mag body. All components can be purchased from a few places to repair or replace the damaged components.

SARCO Inc. has all the components except mag bodies.

Elite Arms has all the components expect followers.

Recently I have seen other places have various magazine parts but they are more expensice than these two places.

Complete rebuild kits can be purchased from Armscorp and Fulton Armory but again, their prices are on the high side.


Tom O.

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Check and make sure that the spring hasn't broken. I had a from the wrap BW mag that the spring broke at the first turn just after 100 or so rounds. It was a fluke, but it can happen. :D

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Well, I hate to say this, but I have to be honest.
After the last cleaning, I thought I had my gas assy fully down on the barrel.
Uh, how about a few extra millimeters, sonny? :oops:
Once I rectified that, everything ran as designed: Flawlessly.
A good thing from all this, you may learn from my mistake. Also, all my mags are spotless with just enough oil to keep them rust free. My rifle is clean as a whistle and the action is slicker'n oyster snot.
Thanks for all the ideas.
Now I will go out knowing there are a great bunch of guys willing to help out no matter how much the problem is the 'nut behind the trigger.' :?
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