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Mag problems.

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Anyone else having feeding problems with the blued asian mags that are being sold by several distributers?

I have 10 of the asian mags, and they tend to jam when rounds are fed from the right side. Most often a fully loaded mag will jam on the second round, and function fine there after. The rounds are hitting the front lip of the mag body, as if the follower is not popping up quick enough.

I did take these mags apart and clean them. I have never had this problem with the many USGI, or Chinese mags I have.

Any help?
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I have 10 of the mags from Ammoman's
All ten work flawless from my Poly with Poly Barrel.
All ten do not function reliably with my Poly with TRW barrel. :(
They will feed the first 15 just fine but the last 5 are jamamatics,
even if you just load 5 in the first will feed, the rest stovepipe :(
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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