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More fun testing with the M80 today.

Remington 700 LTR shot well. About 1.86 MOA. The LTR is the full system (case, bipod, Mk4, etc) less the can. The ammo did well and it showed no odd marks/damage/etc except what’s pictured. I believe the ammo is slightly tarnished so I was expecting some form of case disruption. Pleasantly surprised and happy.

Also shot my almost NOS 1980s wood stocked 700 Police rifle. I wanted to do a new vs old comparison but thought the extractor broke since it wouldn’t extract. The 80s Police rifle is almost 40 years old, zero marks on the bolt/lugs. No real wear on the extractor and no sign of flaws so I’ll reinstall and try again.

Good way to spend lunch break regardless!

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