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M60 flash hider on a socom

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Hey guys! I’m looking at getting the delta p adapter and I was wondering if the m60 hider would work. Are the threads on m60 hider 5/8-24?
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MD66948: I like it a lot! Super easy to put together. I like the fact that I can put any .30 cal muzzle device on without changing anything else. KurtC: it does look a tad different maybe I will add a bipod lol I definitely like this setup better than the factory brake!
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Back in the mid 80s and up to the early 90s I worked a part time for Walt Lagendorfer. Walt designed and held the patent for the Rhino Device, 1st gas piston system on an M16/AR15.

Walt was always making some sort of attachments for M16/AR15s rifles. One day he came back from a big Gun Show in Ohio with 3 dozen NIW M60 barrels with bipods and FHs. Walt then designed and we made made conversion kits for the mounting of the M60 bipod onto an M16/AR15 barrel. I bought one bipod and kept one of the conversion kits. Here is a picture of my son,(he is 15 years old in this pic), with a M60 bipod mounted on a pre-ban AR15 Rifle. The conversion Kit caused my groups to open up to 8 or more inches at 100 yards. It was terrible. I still have the conversion kit and bipod but I will never mout it again on a rifle.

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Im sorry but that 60 flash looks like a hemorrhoid on the skinny barrel. Maybe install the original M14 unit back on there.

I am building a long range 300 Win Mag heavy bull barrel w/ the M60 FH on it.
I like it. Looks good, and very unique. As long as it does not affect accuracy, I like it.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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