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M40 Redfield Scope Refinish

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A couple months ago in this thread about the Gen 1 Redfield Scope painted green My "new" green Redfield.. the question was asked about M1Army paining a Gen 2 Redfield Scope to get the satin black look. Well I pursued this with him and this thread is to show how that turned out.

Here are photos from M1Army of my scope, base and rings after he painted them for the satin black finish.

As he said when these were sent to me it’s just a black scope, base and rings and not very exciting. However when installed on my M40 clone and then comparing with before photos when these were gloss there is a great difference. Here are photos that I had from before showing the gloss finish and new photos I took with the non-gloss finish to try and match the same angles.

Here is the right side

Here is the left side

Here is the top

This Redfield is a nice Gen Two 3-9x Accu-Range scope with the tombstone and thin line cross hairs and sniper dot reticle. I think it turned out great and I am very pleased with how it adds to the overall look of the whole rifle. As usual M1Army did an outstanding job and he is very easy to work with and everything went very smoothly.
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