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M25, nightforce 2.5-10, ring height

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Quick question gents,

I recently acquired a Nightforce 2.5-10x24 and am going to mount it on my LRB M25 receiver. I am trying to figure out what height rings to use and found this random scope ring in my box-o-parts. I did a test fit and it seems to be prefect but I have no idea what height it is. I would like to buy some higher quality rings of the same height. Can anyone "eyeball" it and figure out what height it is?

Thanks for any help.

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figure out what your battle zero is on your standard sights are gonna be and start from there with ring height

If the scope is bolted on, like many are, getting to your irons isn't going to be a fast process anyway. I'd rather keep the scope as low as possible and have my elevation knob calibrated so I just bring it up to where I need it. If you want to make it faster, put a witness mark across the receiver ear and elevation knob to mark your battle zero.
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