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I was looking to get a trigger job on my M1A, and based on
feedback from members of this forum I contacted Hueygunner.
It turns out that he lives fairly nearby, so I contacted him and
drove over to see him.

When I arrived he was just finishing up Parkerizing a batch of
gas cylinders for a batch of M1 Garands he was refinishing for
his VFW post. He does beautiful work. Each and every one of
the rifles I saw was a real gem. This man is a craftsman.

He looked over my Springfiedl M1A and agreed that the "crunchy"
stock trigger needed work. He also recommended that the gas
cylinder be unitized. He offered me a good deal, so I agreed
and left the rifle with him.

I stopped by this past Saturday evening to pick it up. While he
had it apart he went over the whole gun and corrected all the
deficiencies he found with the stock rifle. He polished the
trigger internals and replaced an out-of-spec part, he polished
the bridge area and disassembled the bolt so he could remove
the burrs from the firing pin (an issue I saw someone else report
on this forum just last week). He also recrowned the barrel.
He polished and installed a Sadlak op rod spring guide as well.

Except for the cost of the Sadlak spring guide, he didn't even
charge me for the additional work.

Well I took the rifle out to the range yesterday, and the improvement
was significant. The trigger is very smooth, with a real clean break
right at 5.1 lbs.

I was easily able to hold all my hits on a 6" paper plate at 100yds,
standing offhand, which for me is excellent.
Our club has an 8" AR500 steel plate at 100 yds, and my
shooting buddies and I spent the afternoon ringing it like a bell.
We just couldn't miss it.

Overall, I am really delighted with his work. He is a talented
craftsman who stands by his work. He does an excellent job
and clearly knows what he is doing. I would strongly recommend
Hueygunner to anybody who needs work done on an M1A or
a Garand.


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You need to force a couple of beers down his throat and stick some cash in his pocket while he's drunk. Good guys like that are rare and usually too modest. Ive got a buddy like that. Rare bird indeed!

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He is a very helpful guy and delivers the comfort of old fashion customer service. Don't find too many like him around.
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