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M1A value

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I am looking for some help in trying to put a price on an M1A that I may be selling. If I have posted this in the wrong forum I apologize. The rifle I have is a SA Supermatch, serial number range of 074XXX. It has a 1/10 Douglas heavy barrel with GI national match parts. I have two stocks for it and it has been glass bedded to both. One stock is a GI type walnut and the other is a Mcmillan heavy match stock. Both stocks have Turner Saddlery leather slings. The rifle is in near excellent condition with less than 400 rounds through it.It does shoot good and will outshoot me by a large margin.Only detractor to it is the McMillan stock must be an early model or something as it has an M1 Garand type buttplate instead of the regular M14 style buttplate and is in a grey Realtree camo pattern. Again if I have posted this in the wrong forum I apologize. Hoping someone here could offer some advice on possibly putting a price on this rifle. Thanks
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Please read here:


And, welcome to the forum. Sounds like a nice rifle, but you need to reasurch the PX and Sold threads (among other places) to determine asking price.
Again my apologies, Admin please delete this thread.
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