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First, you have to understand that a primer flattened by overpressure will fill the groove that surrounds the primer. If you still have a groove around the primer, you're fine.

Second, Federal uses 43 grains under a 168 in their Gold Medal and OTM loads. In a commercial case, that is fine. In a LC case, lower it to 42.5 grains.

Third, and most important, don't be shoving a 168 down to the 2.80 OAL. Your magazine will hold cartridges out to 2.820, take advantage of it.

The middle case below is often mistaken for a flattened primer, but the groove is still present. The case on the right has a primer that is flattened by over pressure.
I thought 4064 was used in the FGMM load. I would consider 43 grs of 4895 on the warm side.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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