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I bought all this a couple months ago after firing my friends M1a and falling in love. I have a lot of fun shooting it, but I'm going to college in the fall. I'm using my post-9/11 GI bill, but I'm already getting hit with so many hidden fees and stuff that the Bill doesn't cover, turns out that I spent money I didn't have! So I'm selling everything M14 related that I own.

This is a package deal, the prices listed are the retail values that I paid for them, they are not for sale individually.

Rifle and Attached Accessories:

Springfield Armory M1a Scout - About 1,500 rounds down the barrel
Nikon Encore Scout Scope - $300
Leupold Quick Detach Medium rings - $60
11magazines (10 cmi from 44mag and 1 SA (I think made by CMI) and 8 of them are still unopened - $260
ArchAngel stock - $250
Smith Coast guard brake - $145
Sadlak Tin NM gas piston - $40
Sadlak NM Spring guide - $40
Mako swivel grip / bipod - $130
BDS 2 point / 1 point convertable sling - $40
Smith extended bolt stop - $45
Sadlak tactical magazine release - $47
Gas shim set (already properly installed) - $14
SEI socom gas plug - $45
SEI gas lock / front sight (dovetail) - $95

Other Related Items

380x M80 rounds purchased from wideners.com - was $105/200 round battlepack
M14 Owner's Guide and Match Conditioning Instructions by Scott Duff and John Miller - $20
The M14 Complete Assembly Guide by Walt Kuleck and Clint McKee - $20
Sadlak Piston cleaning drill set - $28
Sadlak ghost ring wrench for SEI gas cylinder lock sight - $35
Galati Discreet carry case 42" - $100
Voodoo ACU shooting mat - $80
MARPAT Grab n' Go 7.62 from olongopo outfitters - $67
Otis cleaning kit - $15
Heavy Duty Castle Nut Pliers - $20
Two tubes Shooter's Choice gun grease
Unopened Silicone cleaning cloth
Brass Pick cleaning kit - $20
Hoppe's Viper Bore Snake - $28
I have a non-ratcheting chamber brush that I just screwed a nut onto and used my own ratchet to spin it. Brush and nut included, ratchet not
Original SA black synthetic stock (a little beat up on areas where the receiver contacts it [that you can only see when you remove the receiver] and in the magazine well, but the rest looks good)
Original piston / spring guide / magazine release / bolt catch / gas lock / gas plug

I think that's about everything! All the accessories are brand new and in great to perfect condition.

I spent over $3,000 for all this. I'm asking for $2,400 because I know it's unlikely that anyone here will need everything that comes with it (but it would be perfect for any new owners). This price includes all shipping. I would highly prefer you find a dealer who accepts from individuals. I will accept any form of payment, but buyer will pay paypal fee (about $72 I think) and If you send a regular check, I will have to wait for it to clear.

Please let me know if you are interested and have any questions or would like some more specific pictures.

Thanks for looking,

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What serial number range is your rifle and what USGI parts does it have?

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Thank you, Sir!

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If I wasn't in the midst of moving I'd jump on it. But Not going to be able to buy for awhile. Good luck though.
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