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A COAL of 2.82" is about the max I'm comfortable with in terms of fitting in the magazine and is more accurate in my Scout than shorter COALs using a Sierra Match King 168 grain HPBT.

I had a conversation with RAMMAC recently about my Scout and my LRB, and there's a distinct possibility that the LRB chamber has a significantly shorter throat than the Springfield. Based on a call to Long Island last week, LRB cuts their chambers with a Winchester .308 reamer, not a 7.62 Nato reamer even though they headspace somewhere in between the two.

I'm comfortable suggesting 2.82" COAL for an SAI Scout; however, IMHO you need to check the leade of your rifle if it has a different origin. I ordered a Hornady OAL gauge today...

I load H-4895 under SMK 168 grain HPBT which is fairly close to the 168 grain AMAX to the best of my knowledge. With H-4895, I'd start working up from 39.0 grains based on the "Service Rifle" section of Hornady's 7th Edition.

Keep in mind that you do lose some velocity due to the 18" barrel. How much is a matter of some debate.
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