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M1A Scope and Mount

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Smith Enterprise finally called me back today. The owner stayed on the phone with me for about a half an hour. He seemed very skeptical about how the quality of Fulton's brookfield style scope mounts would compare to his. I was always under the impression Fulton was widely regarded as having top rate stuff? He suggested I tell Fulton to forgo the scope mount and just have them install one when I have them glass bed and sight it in.

He also suggested I steer clear of the Nightforce scope I was looking at because the click value is .25 MOA, and instead look at the Leupold Mark IV. I haven't really used a scope before, but the argument that you'd need to go 4 clicks for one inch seems like a legitimate beef. Any thoughts on that?
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do you want mildot style reticle in your scope? or are you going with a typical duplex reticle? reason being is if you go with a mil based reticle or an moa based reticle you want the turrets to match. so mil/mil or moa/moa. it makes for an easier follow up shot with adjustment. for example, you have a mil/mil scope and you take a shot and you see the splash and your low 1.5 mils on your reticle you know you can rotate the turret up 1.5 mils or just hold over 1.5.
there are some scopes out there that have moa turrets and mil reticle. its slower. much slower because you do the math in your head.
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