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M1A , safe ?

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Hi , i just bought a new M1A ( M14 made by Springfield Genesco ) I went to the range and I shoot 50 rounds, 150 grains FMJ under 42 Grs IMR 4895, the rifle was accurate and no mechanical problems. But I have seen around the web some sites with photos of M1a exploded with some comments that SA genesco made this rifles with cheap material, now i'm quite warry to shoot with it again. Are the M1A really bad ? Tks Ric :(
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If you use the M1A as it is prescribed, you should not have any problems... one of the big "no-no's" is dropping a round into the chamber then letting the op rod slam home. That is inviting a "slam fire" to occur.

"Slam fires" may occur in any weapon that uses a "floating" firing pin.

If you use reloads, you must exercise care in making your bullets and to only use recommended powders and charges. The M1A is or can be an accurate weapon, but I would NOT use it for experimenting with unless you are proficient and sufficiently knowledgeable to do so.

I have never felt uneasy about the M1A or any of my M14 type rifles. They are very reliable in my opinion, very safe if handled and used properly.

Have fun... your rifle has proven to be mechanically sound, so shoot it and have fun! But as with any firearm, have care in what you do... :lol:


Tom O.
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