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M1A receiver markings wanted

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Hey guys I'm looking for the following markings like these, they're located inside the receiver and I would appreciate any fellow M1A lovers/owners if they could to post pics of there findings. If you could please include the serial, date of manufacture if known and any other info about the rifle as it came from the factory, thank you. Here are my examples:

Serial 058336, SAK barrel, TRW bolt and op rod, OM-N TG.

Serial 075396, all Winchester 66118 TG

Serial 1XXXXXX (don't have range anymore) H&R Barrel, rest is SAI
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From M14 Rifle History and Development Fifth Edition:

"Gray-Syracuse made the raw M1A receiver castings starting around 1973 or 1974 until the end of 1996. The casting supplier that preceded Gray-Syracuse has not been discovered. The raw castings and certification papers for each production lot were shipped from Gray-Syracuse to Valley Ordnance until closing in July 1996. Valley Ordnance had been located at 280-282 North Main Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702. Valley Ordnance would then send the receivers on to Springfield Armory, Inc. At some point between M1A receiver serial numbers 0320XX and 033964, the pour lot code was made a part of the raw casting. This number is found on the underside of the receiver just behind the left leg. Valley Ordnance machined receivers had letter A prefix numbers for the pour lot. Casting pour lot numbers observed with the letter A prefix have been as high as A193 on receiver serial number 098991 and A203 on receiver 100042. The casting supplier had changed by M1A serial number 101255. That receiver was marked J10698-001 on the underside. Similarly, subsequent receivers were marked as follows: 102570 with J10698-014, 106XXX with J11085/19, 1107XX was marked 12778-02, and 173898 was marked 16143-08 on the underside of the receiver. The pour lot number is an identifying mark for the casting supplier. Later, the marking Springfield Inc Geneseo IL was added to the bottom of the receiver under the operating rod rail as observed on M1A serial number 191974."


"When Springfield Armory, Inc. had USGI M14 chromium plated barrels, its workers would often gage the chambers and group them into lots dimensionally. Based on the findings, it had Valley Ordnance cut the M1A receiver headspace to better fit the USGI M14 chromium plated barrels in its inventory. As an example, Springfield Armory, Inc. would request Valley Ordnance make 100 M1A receivers headspaced to – 0.003 " from blueprint zero. Thus, match grade and some standard model receivers have a number on the bottom surface. The numbers will range from 1 to 5. The numeral 1 means the receiver is headspace to 0.001 " longer than blueprint zero. If the receiver is marked with the number - 4 this means the receiver is headspaced to 0.004 " shorter than blueprint zero. This manufacturing practice resulted in improved accuracy because of the tighter headspace."
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