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Please see updates below as of 6-19-20

I am thinning down my barrels and listing these 4 Match barrels for sale.
1st barrel came of a 90's era Glen Nelson Super Match.Douglas Heavy profile 1-10 twist,6 groove,1 .75 throat,1 on muzzle.Clean bore,nice muzzle with clean grooves and threads $175.00 - REDUCED TO $155 WHICH INCLUDES SHIPPING 6-19-20
2nd barrel is a SAI NM medium weight profile,1-11 twist 6 groove,1 on throat,0 on muzzle.This is basically a new barrel.Perfect shape 175.00 = REDUCED TO $155 WHICH INCLUDES SHIPPING 6-19-20
3rd barrel i believe is either a Douglas or Hart medium weight 1-10 twist,6 groove,2 on the throat,0 on muzzle.Clean bore threads grooves muzzle. 175.00 - REDUCED TO 155 WHICH INCLUDES SHIPPING 6-19-20
- 4th barrel is a 18 inch Douglas Barnett Medium weight 1-10 twist, 4 groove ,1 on the throat,1/2 muzzle.Dont see many of these and this is a nice clean barrel with good threads,grooves,muzzle 200.00 SOLD
All prices now include shipping.I took plenty of pics but if there is something else ya need to see or ask just shoot me a PM
First to post a I will take it gets it.I accept PayPal or money orders.


1 - 16 of 16 Posts