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:?: Any body know if the folowers that john masen sells are Gi or made up. thanks Mitch
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Aloha Mitch:

I don't know about the John Masen line but I am noticing many other places like Cheaperthandirt, Sportsmanguide, etc. starting to carry followers, springs, etc. Looks like USGI stuff in some of the pics...

But the overall cheapest place I found was SARCO... they are or can be very slow, but they were the cheapest... and everything I got was USGI from what I could tell.

I hope it helps,


Tom O.
John Masen use to be my supplier before they dried up and they were excellent folks to work with during my tenure of business with them. I honestly don't know about their followers but I do believe they are USGI. They generally have a booth set up and quite a few of the gun shows and their stuff always looked good to me froom what I observed at their tables.

Hey Six:

I do know that if you go to Midway and type John Masen, it will bring up many of the products that he is selling... so they look like they are doing well!

Tom O.
I have bought from them at gunshows only......I seem to get a better deal because the guy at the booth recognizes me and he works with me a little . I usually buy 10 or more, I pay about $2 something for them . Some of the followers are marked and some are not ! They do look like USGI and some have looked Chinese . The wrapped ones look Chicom but the loose ones look Gi ,but again not all are marked so who knows . Warbird bought some from them that were marked borg warner .(He beat me over there!) 8O . I would recommend them .Mike
I have to agree with Mike on that.The ones I bought were marked BW (12-Borg Warner) and OM (3-Olin Matheson??) They also had some marked CXT which might be USGI (I was told they are).I also bought 10-12 floorplates for the M14 mags at $1.50 each.

The folks at John Masen Co. are good people to deal with.I paid $2.00 each (maybe because I bought 15).If you have a problem with something they make themselves they make it right,no questions (my experience).

I've dealt with them for about 17 years now and I keep going back.

Hey Mike,going to pasadena Sept.6-7 :?:
I still need about 20 more followers.Reliant Center here I come-Oct.11-12

Fly high,shoot low and you'll hit'em every time.warbird
Aloha Warbird:

Looks like you folks in TX really get some AWESOME deals!!! I have a buddy at flight trainning in TX but he doesn't know squat about firearms, so he might as well be looking at "shoes" at them Gun Shows! :lol:

Good for you guys!!! Keep having fun buying up them "goodies"!


Tom O.
M14 followers

I will be at Pasadena ,however you know that John Masen is not always at the Pasadena show ......I really enjoy going to the shows around here.....Something I really look forward to , you just never know what you will find .
m1a followers

:lol: thanks for the info guys!!!!
I am always glad to help !
We gotta stick together on these things and try to keep others from making the same mistakes I have made ......... :roll: (USA brand magazines ) ring a bell ?

i've dissassembled 50+ mags and haven't seen that one yet.

The ones we saw were marked CXT or CTX. I was told by someone who knows GI parts that they were USGI. I don't know if they are or not.

Maybe they're canadian or replacement followers or something.John Masen Co. has a bunch of them.

It was the first time I've ever seen those markings myself.They look exactly like USGI including the color of the finish.

Who knows,maybe they're chinese.It's hard to believe the chinese would go to the trouble of marking something where it couldn't be seen though.

Hopefully one day this mystery will be solved.I think I'll call them at John Masen.

warbird out
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chinese followers aren't marked. i disassembled a few of those too.


i'll add them to my list and see what i can find.
Hey Mitch:

Are unmarked lighter gray color??
How much $$
I heard even the chinese followers will work but I haven't tried them.
Let us know.

warbird out
the chinese mags work fine in chinese mags. i haven't tried chinese followers in USGI mags.the main thing i see that looks inferior is the chinese springs look cheap compared to USGI
m1a folowers

yea thay were lighter gray" $3.50 from john madson. thay look a little cheaper to.
$3.50 each ?? 8O WOW I got a deal then.
Even if I have been buying from them for the last 15 years.I guess I should have bought them all while I could.Oh well,I have enough now but a couple spares are always good to have.

A matter of fact,spare parts for everything you have is a good idea.
I've been told that things in the middle east is about to really heat up again in the future (Israel declares all out war on Hammas).Just have to wait and see.

I have a show this weekend and I hope it's good for me as always.I expect to sell some M14 bolts for sure. :D

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Fly high,shoot low and you'll hit'em every time.warbird
m1a folowers

yes thay are lighter gray. Im only making 4 or 5 mags at a time" thats why there costing me more. I have about 25 mags. some are winchester w or om.
I hope that you are not "Making" Mags ! 8O That would be illegal ! I hope thatyou are replacing damaged or defective parts :wink: .I hope this helps ! Mike
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