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M1A / M14 Stock Options

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Newbie question here:

All the M1As I have seen have an upper barrel forearm guard that is made of brown or black plastic instead of wood.

Do they make this piece in wood?

Is there a reason why this piece would need to be plastic??
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The M14 originally had a wooden handguard, but they found that it charred during rapid and full auto fire. Next came a slotted fiberglass handgaurd. They found that it was a bit on the brittle side and that the slots allowed heat mirage over the barrel once it heated up from rapid fire and full auto fire. The most common handguard is the solid fiberglass handguarrd that they develeoped to resist charring and to prevent heat mirage and be a bit sturdier than the slotted ones.

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Thanks for the info ! ! ! !

I guess I need to start looking for a wooden after-market one then. I love the rifles, but that fiberglass guard just ruins the look in my eyes.

Know a good source for M1A wood up top?

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You can get the HG here #201-515 Finished #301-313 Unfinished


As with anything from Boyd's some sanding is needed as everything comes in Phatt. So you may as well get the unfinished and fit it too your rifle stock. You might even want too redo the stock you have so they both match color wise.

Also note that you need to either bevel/taper the right rear corner of the HG too clear the op rod or you will have a broken. You may require some small hand tools too shape the front lip too fit the band as well as a hand sander too remove some extra bulk here and there.

It took about and hour too fit mine with simple tools.



I like the wood but would be sure too keep it oiled so it doesn't dry out and split. As I understand it the USGI HG's were thinner and the Boyd's has some more meat too it.

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