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M1A + M118LR (from CMP)

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I know the rule for bullet weight in M1As is to stay less than 175. The M118LR is 173, but does anyone know if it is good for the M1A?

I know that the M24 bolt action is in use, but is the M118LR you can get from the CMP a "bolt action only round" or safe to use in a M1A without beating the heck out of it.
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Aloha Kevin,

I agree with Ty... 175 work but may be a bit more harder on your gas gun.

I use M118LR and after 2 cases of this ammo, I really like it! This ammo has taken over for me as my "benchmark" ammo. It used to be Fed GMM but it's a bit too pricey so I have stayed with the M118LR. Benchmark meaning that I use this bullet in many of my rifles that I am working on to validate accuracy.

For the price, it has been excellent ammo for me.

Good Luck!


Tom O.
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