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A great day on the range. Shooting some DAG surplus ammo with a Fisher M14-DC Suppressor.

Bullet impact was downward. At 100 Yards, compensation was about a 3 1/2 Mil hold over. No windage shift to speak of.

I had not realized I was resting my hand on the mag, probably not the best of techniques... DISHOUT

1st shot is the gas blast out of the bottom of the vent, second is the casing (near the front scope cover)

Another shooter had a Smith Enterprise DC Vortex Flash Hider on his 5.56 AR. I'm not sure he realized what he had hanging on the end of his AR.

I slipped the M14-DC over the end of his flash hider and let him take a few shots. At 50 Yards, the impact was 1 1/2 Mils low, 1 1/2 Mils Right.

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