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M1A Compensator Shoot Out-Springfeild Armory v. BattleComp v. PWS

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Well, I've had these compensators laying around for some time. Finally decided to go out and see how all 3 compare.

The test was not scientific in any way. I shot 3- 10rd clip per each comp. I would only fire when my sight were back on target. Wanted to show the effect of the recoil as much as possible that's why i went for a standing stance. I tried to be as fair as possible.

I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in the video. My final pick was just personal preference.



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Thanks for the video, send it to Battle Comp and they may shoot a T-Shirt your way.
I agree the BABC seems to have the greatest effect on muzzle rise and recoil. What surprised me was the PWS FCS seemed to be the worst of the group.
I was able to shoot a couple of Battle Comp equiped rifles in .556 and 6.8 SPC recently and was very impressed. The 6.8 equiped rifle had less felt recoil than a M4 with a standard FS and muzzle rise was non-existent. It convinced me to go with a BABC on my in progress 6.8 SPC build. It really is one product that works as advertized.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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